⁠Manufacturing and Logistics: 15 Jobs for Veterans With Salaries Ranging $50k-$70k

This article is dedicated to guiding veterans towards rewarding jobs in manufacturing and logistics, emphasizing jobs for Veterans offering salaries between $50,000 and $70,000. 

It explores 15 specific roles that align well with the skills and experiences gained in military service.


You'll find essential information on each job, including responsibilities, salary ranges, and benefits. The goal is to provide a clear pathway for veterans transitioning into these thriving sectors.

Job Market Overview

The manufacturing and logistics sectors present a dynamic job market for veterans, offering a range of opportunities with competitive salaries. The demand for skilled workers continues to grow in these fields, making them ideal for veterans looking for stable and rewarding careers

These industries value the discipline and leadership often found in military personnel, making them a good fit for veterans. With a focus on efficiency and precision, manufacturing and logistics companies are actively seeking individuals with experience in structured environments. 


Salaries in these sectors are attractive, often starting from $50,000 and can go up to $70,000 or more. This overview aims to assist veterans in understanding the scope of opportunities available to them in these thriving industries.

Skill Transferability

Military skills are highly valued in manufacturing and logistics. The structured approach, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities developed in the military align well with the needs of these sectors. 

Skills like logistical planning, supply chain management, and operational coordination are directly transferable. Veterans often possess a unique blend of leadership and technical skills essential in these industries. 


The ability to work under pressure and adapt to changing environments, common in military service, is a significant asset. This makes veterans ideal candidates for various roles in manufacturing and logistics.

15 Career Paths for Veterans

This section outlines 15 lucrative job roles in manufacturing and logistics suited explicitly for veterans. Each role matches the skills and experiences gained in military service, offering annual salaries ranging from $50,000 to $70,000.

Supply Chain Manager

A Supply Chain Manager oversees the entire supply chain operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in delivery and logistics. This role is well-suited for veterans with strong organizational skills and experience in logistical operations.

A veteran with a keen eye for detail and strategic planning abilities can excel in this position. The expected annual salary is around $70,000.

Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator role involves managing the flow and storage of goods, requiring precise coordination and management skills. This position is ideal for veterans with experience in logistics and supply chain management. 

Attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure are vital qualities. The role typically offers an annual salary of about $60,000.

Operations Manager

An Operations Manager in manufacturing and logistics oversees production processes and ensures operational efficiency. Veterans with leadership experience and the ability to manage teams are well-suited for this role. 

Strong decision-making skills and a background in process management are beneficial. The salary for this position is around $65,000 annually.

Quality Control Inspector

This role involves monitoring and ensuring the quality of products in the manufacturing process. It's a good fit for detail-oriented veterans with experience in quality assurance. 

Familiarity with safety standards and inspection procedures is essential. Quality Control Inspectors can expect to earn about $50,000 per year.

Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse Supervisors manage warehouse operations, including inventory management and staff supervision. Veterans with experience in logistics and team leadership will find this role suitable. 

The ability to work in a fast-paced environment and organizational skills are essential. The annual salary for this role is around $55,000.

Production Planner

Production Planners are responsible for scheduling and planning production activities. Veterans with skills in strategic planning and organization will excel in this role. 

The ability to anticipate needs and coordinate various aspects of production is key. This position offers an annual salary of about $58,000.

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technicians ensure machinery and equipment are functioning efficiently. This role suits veterans with a mechanical or electrical maintenance background. 

Technical skills and problem-solving abilities are crucial. The expected annual salary is around $52,000.

Inventory Specialist

Inventory Specialists manage and track inventory levels, requiring accuracy and attention to detail. Veterans with experience in supply management are well-positioned for this job. 

The role demands organizational skills and precision. An Inventory Specialist can expect to earn about $50,000 per year.

Transportation Manager

A Transportation Manager oversees the transportation aspects of logistics, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods. This role is ideal for veterans with experience in transportation management and strong leadership abilities. 

Strategic planning and coordination skills are important. The annual salary for this role is typically around $68,000.

Safety Coordinator

Safety Coordinators ensure that safety regulations and protocols are followed in the workplace. Veterans with safety standards and risk assessment knowledge are suited for this role. 

Attention to safety details and communication skills are key. The expected annual salary for a Safety Coordinator is around $55,000.

Procurement Specialist

Procurement Specialists manage purchasing activities and vendor relationships. Veterans with experience in procurement or contract management will find this role fitting.

Negotiation skills and the ability to evaluate suppliers are essential. The average annual salary is about $57,000.

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineers develop and improve manufacturing processes. This role suits veterans with an engineering background and a knack for problem-solving. 

Knowledge of manufacturing systems and process optimization is essential. The salary for this position is generally around $70,000 per year.

Distribution Center Manager

Distribution Center Managers oversee the operations of distribution centers, including logistics and staff management. Veterans with leadership experience and a background in logistics or distribution are well-suited for this role. 

The ability to manage large teams and logistical challenges is crucial. The annual salary is usually about $67,000.

Material Handler

Material Handlers are responsible for moving and storing materials within a facility. This position is suitable for physically fit veterans with experience in warehouse operations. 

Organizational skills and attention to safety are essential. Material Handlers can expect to earn around $50,000 annually.

Fleet Manager

Fleet Managers manage the company's vehicle fleet and ensure efficient operations. This role suits veterans with experience in transportation and fleet management. 

Skills in vehicle maintenance and team coordination are essential. The expected annual salary for a Fleet Manager is around $65,000.

Benefits Overview

In manufacturing and logistics, the salaries are competitive, and the benefits are also a significant draw for veterans. These sectors provide comprehensive benefits packages that enhance job satisfaction and employee well-being.

Industry Benefits

Benefits in manufacturing and logistics include health insurance, retirement plans, and, often, educational assistance. These sectors recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance, offering flexible schedules and paid time off. 

Many companies also provide career advancement opportunities through training and development programs. Employee wellness initiatives and support systems are joint, reflecting a commitment to the workforce's health. 

Veterans can expect supportive work environments that value their unique skills and experiences. The benefits in these industries cater to immediate needs and focus on long-term growth and stability for employees.

Transitioning Tips

Guidance for veterans transitioning to civilian manufacturing and logistics roles, focusing on utilizing military skills effectively.

Leveraging Military Experience

Highlight leadership and operational planning skills from your military experience. Translate these skills into civilian terms relevant to manufacturing and logistics. 

Emphasize adaptability and problem-solving abilities. Showcase these strengths in your job applications.

Developing Key Skills

Improve communication and technical skills relevant to the industry. Learn civilian management techniques and industry-specific software. Network and seek mentorship for industry insights.

Application Guide

The step-by-step approach to job applications in these sectors emphasizes resume preparation and interview skills.

Resume Preparation

Translate military experience into civilian terms, focusing on leadership and technical skills. Tailor your resume to each job, highlighting relevant achievements. Use clear, understandable language.

Job Search and Networking

Use veteran-focused job boards and industry platforms—network through events, professional groups, and online platforms like LinkedIn. Utilize contacts for informational interviews.

Interview Preparation

Research companies and understand role requirements. Practice explaining how your military skills translate to civilian jobs. Provide specific examples and maintain professional communication.

Enhancing Skills with Certifications

Certifications and training can boost employability in these sectors. Here are some options.

Relevant Certifications

Consider certifications like Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) or Six Sigma. Check online courses and community colleges for relevant programs. These certifications show commitment and specialized knowledge.

Training Programs and Resources

Explore training at community colleges or online platforms. Look for veteran-specific programs. Continuous learning keeps you competitive and opens new opportunities.

Final Takeaway: Navigating New Careers for Veterans

Exploring 15 career options in manufacturing and logistics offers veterans a pathway to utilize their skills, with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $70,000. 

This guide aims to ease the transition from military to civilian life, highlighting roles that align with veterans' experiences. These opportunities provide financial stability and a chance for veterans to continue their professional growth in rewarding fields.

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